FOR SALE Islamorada Canal Lot

 Islamorada Canal Lot for Sale

What could be better than your own CUSTOM charter in Paradise: The Fabulous Florida Keys!!

No waiting in lines, no cattle boats... Imagine it: Only you and your friends/family diving on the reef & lobstering by yourselves! You can't do that through a dive shop!!

Capt. Brian will even clean your catch for you!
This way to paradise!



I know that is what you are searching for:    ...    beauty and clear water.
The Whale, The Whale

The Mighty and the Free

The Monarch of the Deep Blue Sea

If you are searching for beauty and clear water you can find it in Islamorada Florida.

From the Everglades back country to the reefs nourished by the warm gentle Gulf Stream, Islamorada offers a wonderful world on the water.


Manatee, Islamorada

Toilet Seat Cut

Toilet Seat Cut

Toilet Seat Cut

Welcome to Tavernier

Islamorada, Founders Park

Tavernier Creek

Jewfish Creek

Cloud over the Everglades

18 mile stretch


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